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Through Celebrations

Great kinship and friendship start with memorable family and social gatherings. Party and barbecues are meant to be bring people together to relax and to have fun. In SANZ World, besides bringing joy and fun. We are dedicated to ensure quality products and provide convenience to all your joyous occasion.

Journey with us on this exploration into SANZ World.

How We Come to Success

Distribute the Best to the Best

Our products are distributed at all top-notch supermarkets and retail outlets in Singapore such as NTUC, Cold Storage, Giant, Sheng Siong, MEIDI-YA, Mustafa, RedMart, Amazon, Qoo10 along with many others.

Environmentally Friendly

As a company our motive is to produce environmentally friendly products to achieve our target of a greener planet.In view of the future, we will be venturing into the international market by increasing the range of our green and biodegradable products.

Tons of CO2 Emissions Offset Since 2010

We measure, reduce where possible, and then offset any remaining greenhouse gas emissions associated with our products and operations. 136,154.9 tons of CO2 is the equivalent of removing 37,712 new cars from the road!


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