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It is define as being able to degrade and break down by itself in natural condition and environment into components by fungus and bacteria from the natural environment example from landfill.

Rate of breakdown or degree for BioGreen Tableware?

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Currently it could be break down to at least 70% by itself in six month time in to Carbon Dioxide(CO2) and Water (H2O) and the 30% of Polypropylene could not degrade by itself but it is recyclable.

Why do we need polypropylene to be added in the process?

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Polypropylene (PP) need to be added in to strengthen and also make the product more affordable in the market. Polypropylene will not Biodegradable but good small percentage of 30% PP is being use in the product and if compare to 100% plastic we did put in a good effort and we are working to improve on this area though our ongoing R&D effort.

Can BioGreen Tableware be reused again?

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Yes, you can wash it and reuse it but as it is made for disposable purpose and prolonged usage is not advisable.


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Yes, it can be use in microwave and it can be use in up to 90 degree Celsius. Higher temperature will cause the product to be soft, deform or melt.


Will BioGreen tableware degrade from its original packaging in storage?

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If well kept in dry and good control condition BioGreen can kept up to one year in it original packaging and in seal carton. Once open from it packaging the expiry period will be shorter but it is still good for usage but the product will become more yellow in color when contact with air and water moisture. It is advisable to consume and dispose it in short period of time once open from it packaging.

Will BioGreen biodegrade itself in my own storage once open from it packaging?

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Biodegradation can actively start it process in natural condition such as landfill. The landfill is a good condition for for biodegradation. But be aware that when it touches water or water moisture which will encourage biodegradation process in your storage area.

Is it recyclable?

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Yes it can be recycled as they are 30% of polypropylene in the product content.

Is Biogreen product safe?

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Yes Biogreen Tableware has obtained Green label in 2012.

What is Hazardous Substances and what are the key features of this regulation?

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BioGreen follows the” ROHS” guideline on the restriction of hazardous substances – we follow RoHS guideline which is an environmental directive implemented on 1 July 2006 by the European Union (EU). Currently RoHS limits the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic products but we recognise the impact of hazardous substances if it is beyond a maximum permissible limit and we put this control in our BioGreen product. Product must not contain the following hazardous substances beyond a maximum permissible limit :

- lead
- mercury
- cadmium
- hexavalent chromium
- polybrominated biphenyls (PBB)
- polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE)

Are we able to customize the order, wholesales and overseas orders?

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Yes, we welcome customised order, catering, fast food restaurant, hospitals, organisation, wholesaler and overseas orders, please click here to contact us.

How long does it take to deliver my product? How much is the delivery fee?

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1) Free Delivery : Above $100 order (Made Full Payment before 1pm, delivery within 2 days)

2) General Delivery: below $100 order/ $3.50 (delivery lead time-2-5 work days),

For further information please contact us Tel:+65 6269 1687 / 6269 8602 or

Working Hours: 8:30AM - 5:00PM (Mon - Fri)

Disposable  6 in 1 buffet set  do you have ready stock? (For Urgent Order Client Self Collect Only)

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1)Ready Stocks (Mustafa Center)

Mustafa Center Near Farrer park MRT-Mustafa have 2 building, old building & new building  both shops at level 3 (household department)
* 2 shop stocks status not under our system.
You may try to search that mall. Hope it Help.

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