As someone in the catering industry, I have to admit there’s often an absurd high emphasis that we place on the wares and bento boxes that we would procure of our business. The fear of getting a subpar and unimpressionable bento box makes us set an unusually high benchmark so that we do not disappoint our clients. For me, the bento box isn’t just a normal box, but a vehicle to propel our business, especially in this economy climate we are facing right now. So, when I came across the sleek wares from Sanz Pte Ltd and Bio-green in 2019, I knew it was the one we were looking for all this time. – it’s since become our go-to box moving towards sustainability!

In general, I find this set of products offers me great convenience and peace of mind whenever, I use their product. We have experimented with other meal containers, and while they all had their own benefits and drawbacks, Sanz & Biogreen is probably my favourite after all.

I want to pay special compliments to their sales team as they were very prompt and efficient in handling our requests, even during last-minute situations. I could tell that they did their best and made sure that the goods are delivered as agreed. I am extremely pleased with the service provided to me thus far, therefore I would definitely recommend them to my friends and business partners in future.

- Vincent Phang CEO of Events and Catering Division Tung Lok Millennium Pte Ltd

"Kelvin is very pro-active in engaging with his customers and providing the support that they need when requested. His sincerity makes people remember his presence and you know who to know for when you need bio items. Thanks for your help Kelvin!"

- Maggie CEO of Tropic Pack Pte Ltd

Working with Sanz has been a pleasure due to the customer-oriented approach of their sales team and strong communication that they have with us. Creative Eateries has benefitted from this partnership which was formed in trying times when their Salesperson Kelvin assisted us in procuring the necessary stock that we required. I would recommend the products and services of Sanz.

- Bernadette, Creative eateries director.